Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seam Carving

Isn't it annoying when you re-size a web page with an image in it and it doesn't re-sizes with the page. Or when you need an image to just shrink and look good without contorting or looking squeezed and you have to whip out the old Photoshop to fix it. Well your wishes have been granted. You can thank Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir for creating a new image resizing algorithm that fixes all that and a bag chips, its called Seam Carving. The algorithm is amazing. Its almost spooky just looking at it work. You can squeeze an image down to half the width and it still looks good and preserves all the detail. You can even stretch a landscape image and give it a panoramic look.

You just won't believe it until you see it in action.
Check it....

I can see every browser, photo-editing and even video editing software using this technology. By the looks of it I think it might be open source.

Here are some libraries and applications so that you can start using it with your projects.

Seam Libraries & applications

  • C Library

  • .NET Library

  • C++ Library

  • Resizor