Saturday, July 7, 2007


This 4th I went to see Transformers. To sum it up in 1 word it was FANTABALISE!!!!! (like fantastic but better).

This movie takes CGI to the next level in detail and realism. The physics engines they most have on the models most be amazing because every step and bump was calculated to perfection.
Its the first movie I've seen that I actually truly forgot that I was watching CGI generated characters. Now I know they built some real models to mix in with the CGI characters but the battles were definitely complete CGI.

Now besides the fact that this is one of my boy hood dreams come true, to see the Transformers on the big screen. I do have some problems with the film. The plot was quite thin and maybe gave a total of 10 min to the origin and the reason why the Transformers are on earth. I really don't like the fact they changed the story on how they're on earth. Also like many others, I do not like the new and confusing look of the Transformers. The character development for each robot was sad. The reason a lot of us fell in love with the cartoon series is because we admired the characters and could relate to each one. In the movie they only really developed Bumble Bee and Primes characters.

Even with its flaws the movie is still a kick ass time to watch. I recommend any Transformers fan to go out and see it.

Check out these crazy Transformer fans.
They made costumes that actually transform!!!

Also checkout the trailer if you haven't seen it...

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